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Scentsy Australia is a wickless candle system which uses a highly fragrant wax bar that is gently warmed rather than burned. Scentsy is a safe alternative to traditional candles, as there is no fire hazard, ideal if you have pets and/or children.

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Scentsy opens in New Zealand on 10th March 2015!

Find out more about this incredible opportunity here


Scentsy New Zealand


How Scentsy Wax Warmers Work


A Simple System

Step 1 Add Wax


Step 1

Plug it in.

Step 2 Add Wax


Step 2

Place one or more sections of a Scentsy Bar into the warmer dish.

Step 2 Add Wax


Step 3


Learn more about Scentsy Australia Here

New Scentsy Australia Products

About Me, Taylah Brown-Dargan Independent Scentsy Australian Consultant


Hi, my name is Taylah Dargan and I'm going to tell you some things about me and why I chose to be a part of this company 😊 After many attempts with other party planning companies, I feel I failed miserably as most of those products were hard to sell, there wasn't a huge demand and I just wasn't passionate about it. After I had my daughter, I realised that we ultimately needed a second income coming in as my partners just wasn't enough. A family member told me that Scentsy Australia was about to be launched, and after a lot of research and communication with a Scentsy consultant from the U.K, I realised this was perfect for me. I had some samples sent to me and immediately fell in love, these products honestly sell themselves! I have only recently joined Scentsy, so I am new to this but I am so very passionate about this company already!! I had orders waiting before I had officially began (Scentsy Australia officially launched on 1st Sep 2013) which made me very excited and within my first day I had already signed a consultant under me! This business has already been so beautiful and caring towards me. So much so that it truly is like a big happy family. There is so much support from everyone that it's impossible to feel alone. I feel like the chance I am taking with this company is the chance of a life time! If you would like information about becoming a Scentsy consultant and part of my team, feel free to contact me for a free information pack.


Email: thewickfreechick@hotmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/taylahdarganscents

Phone call or txt: 0412890072



Join Scentsy in Australia


Now, as Scentsy expands into Australia, Mexico, UK, Germany, and Ireland, you’re invited to grow with us. With over 100,000 consultants in America and only a few hundred so far in the Australia now couldn't be a better tme to join with all new Consultants getting the chance to become directors..Read more or request more information by emailing Here


Scentsy Australia Starter Kit


Scentsy Silhouette Collection

View Full Collection Here


(Hover Over Name For Full Descriptions)


Add new dimension to your space with the Silhouette Collection. Dynamic wraps encircle a simple, porcelain Scentsy Warmer. Switch it on and the light shines through, creating amazing textured patterns. Expand your Silhouette collection by purchasing additional wraps individually.


One Silhouette wrap included with the purchase of a warmer. Wraps designed to fit over Silhouette Collection Warmer only. Individual wraps and core warmers available separately.

















Limited Edition Scensty Buddies


Announcing Limited Edition Buddies! As soon as one Buddy sells out, we will introduce a NEW Scentsy Buddy. Talk to your Consultant or check your Consultant’s website for the latest list of available Scentsy Buddies.


Appropriate for all ages. Each one includes one Scent Pak.


Limited Editin Scentsy Collection


Scentsy Australia, Bath & Body


View More Scentsy Bath & Body Products Here


Scentsy Australia Autumn / Winter 2015 Catalogue!

Browse the new Scentsy Autumn / Winter 2015 Catalogue

Browse our entire collection of artfully designed warmers, evocative fragrances, and easy-to-use products. Download your copy of our Spring/Summer Catalogue today.


Scentsy Australian Catalogue


Currently Looking for Consultants to Join Scentsy in Australia, Ireland, Germany, Australia, USA & Canada - Join Here